Written on Sept. 11th of 2011

On this day, September 11th, 2001; men and women, mostly civilians who had never known war, were forced to face the consequences for foreign ideologies they were ignorant of. Though we have put to rest many of those responsible for so dark a day we as a people must never forget OUR victims nor OUR intrepid men and women who now fight; some giving of themselves everything to keep our enemies at bay. Many of them still pay the ultimate price with the hope and faith that their sacrifice will save us, their people, from tyranny. I will never forget.  I will honor those who have past before me.  I will lend my voice, my fragile words for those who are now forever silent.  To my enemies; ask me where my home is? My home is where thousands of my friends and heroes are buried.  Ask me what that means to me?  It means everything!

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