When ever the subject of racism comes up, I find myself always being slightly annoyed with how people respond.  The first thing that springs to mind is to associate racism with some stereotype from any side of the argument.  Those who are racist claim their hatred stems from the annoyances of a group's activities or cultures while those who claim to be the victims of racism so often cite the same stereotypical modes the explain their displeasure.  Both sides in this are altogether ridiculous to my thinking.  Of course people can be easily lumped into categories!  If there weren't enough social evidence to back up a claim, then no stereotype could last longer than a few months!

                The most significant aspect of this is the fact that stereotypes exist because separate groups of people developed certain traits during a time in which they were more solitary.  It stands to reason that these aspects would be converted into something more widely recognizable when humanity as a whole became more aware of other people.  What I find interesting is how one group of people will immediately recognize a cultural idiom about another race, then choose to deplore that trait and associate it with the entirety of a race while completely forgetting the fact that the trait was quickly recognized because both groups possess it!

                What I find amazing is that most people will feel they are unjustly thought of in a stereotypical light, whether or not the situation stems from actual racism.  There is a reason groups of people get "lumped" into certain categories; the history of their people often speak for them.  This understanding can be applied to all categories in the human condition.  When a White man calls a Black man lazy, it isn't a false statement necessarily.  All humans are naturally lazy!  Not because of a moral issue, but because of an evolutionary issue.  It is essential to realize that the greater portion of human society does not exist in the harshness of our paleo ancestry.  Our evolution as a species allows us to work very hard, but our bodies and nature is to rest whenever possible in order to conserve vital nutrition.  That most people can simply go grab something to eat is not a situation that has existed long enough to be coded into our DNA.  So yes, a black man may be lazy, but the white man accusing him of this is also lazy.  It is simply a matter of providing the correct situation. 

                Being of a less then Christian background I would certainly hesitate to allow a Christian leader to become a dictator in my country.  I know the history of Christian leadership and I can recognize the likeliness of the tyranny which would ensue.  Not solely based upon Christian history, but because I recognize in my own history and from my own race and belief structure the danger in allowing religious rule.  I am aware that I can see this because I could very easily possess the same flaw if given the correct situation.  For this reason, Christians would hesitate to allow Islam or Judaism to take power in this nation.  They know exactly what would happen because they know exactly what they would do if given such power.  It is simply a matter of recognizing the potential for conduct in ourselves.  That anyone would choose to hate others based entirely on this is a foolish thing.

                Racism is often propelled by all sides.  This is sad because in the western U.S. racism is a very taboo.  For certain there are likely some that are not opposed to open practice of racist activity, but by and large, such people are deemed ignorant or in the very least, strange.  Racism however, is alive and well within the people who claim to be the victims.  By keeping societies eyes on the issues of racism and by constantly justifying themselves with the roots of racist oppression, it is the victims themselves that often keep racism alive and well instead of letting it simply die.  Members of my own family are guilty of this trait.

                I find it sad that this is so.  It would be very pleasant if we could finally live in a world where people only hated another person based only upon that individuals actions.  I for one find the idea of hating an entire group of people exhausting!   If I am going to hold hatred in me, I would much rather it be focused on those whom have personally earned it.

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