Personal Opinion vs. Philosophy

Personal Opinion vs. Philosophy

            I have noticed over the years a flaw in the human condition which sadly seems to be gaining more momentum.  Now, I can of course say this about any number of subjects, however, this particular point has had some rather devastating effects on the awareness and morality of individuals.  More and more am I seeing the personal implementation of a 'philosophy' which is designed to justify an opinion.  Regarding this, there has been a great deal of impact in our society by way of laws, codes of conduct, and honesty. 

            On a large scale, we can see this occurrence in government, business, and religion.  Government -on all levels- will commit to an action based on the personal opinions of a few that, when scrutinized, forces the designers or supporters of a law to establish a philosophical viewpoint to justify implementation.  Looking at the whole issue with gay marriage, the United States has been submerged into a deep conflict over the rights of the gay community.  Because of religious ideals, gay marriage was not acceptable to even speak about, much less debate until only recently.  Because the philosophy of "Gods Will" can no longer be used to justify the oppression of the gay community at large, a new 'philosophy' has been engineered.  This new idea of "protect marriage" has been adapted for the sole purpose of justifying an out-dated and immoral belief.  As a person with nothing to lose or gain from gay marriage, I can say without emotional compromise that gay marriage doesn't threaten marriage or American family; divorce, abuse, greed, abandonment, adultery, deceit, and other similar activities do.  It is morally incorrect to say or even feel that one groups ability to do what other groups are allowed to do is a threat to American values or "family values."

            Similarly, business -especially big business- long ago adapted this method of opinion first, build a philosophy around it later.  This can be seen with a critical analysis of business history in the United States.  Business owners of today are little different in mentality then the big business owner's of yester year.  Production and Manufacturing businesses easily glow the brightest in this for their deplorable actions against the American worker caused the death of untold innocence throughout this nation's history.  The consequence of this was the formation of worker unions.  The primary difference in these two organizational platforms is this; big business forms from the opinion that the owner should have wealth, regardless of who gets hurt or what must be done.  Unions on the other hand formed from a growing philosophy, literally tempered in blood and sweat, that every man was created equal, with the right to live safely, be compensated reasonably for their work,  and be treated fairly as an equal, not a slave.  From this, did the American worker unions ultimately survive against nearly insurmountable odds.  Whatever the Unions of today may be like, one should still respect a philosophy that survived continual attacks by the wealthiest elite and the military for the first decades of its inception.

            Sadly, the greater portion of today's citizen seem to have lost that fundamental understanding of what constitutes true sovereignty.  A man who has an opinion which is based solely on his emotional state at the time of any event will never manage to become a strong or self sovereign individual.  It is incorrect to think about something, form an opinion about it, then attempt to incorporate a belief system of any kind around it.  For a person to be truly strong, truly self sovereign, truly worth anything, that person must first build a philosophical belief based either on previously conceived notions or core ideals which have been established as a tested and proven system of moral conditions.  Then, when one observes a situation, that person can judge the validity of either side based upon that moral core. 

            As a man who believes in Liberty for all human life, it should come as no surprise to anyone who understands this concept that I believe in the things I do, that my opinions are what they are.  I don't believe the gay community should be given the ability to marry, I believe they are innately created with the 'right' to marry as they choose.  I do not believe that any government, law, religious faction, politician, or other individual of any sort have the moral justification to remove the rights of any person who is not impeding upon the rights of another.  From this core moral condition do I lean towards the right to life on the subject of abortion, the right to life on the subject of execution, the right to expression, the right to bear arms and so on.

            Have you ever noticed that the people who are full of opinions often have very little in the realm of rationality to justify those opinions?  Would it come as a shock to you that opinionated people are often, if not always presumptuous and condescending?  Do you notice that when placed in situations where you are forced to observe such people, they often fall below the curve in the workplace, academia, and experience?  I know I have noticed these things and I am sadly confronted with these people every day I leave my home.  

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