Noble Idea and Prophecy

                Being over 30 years in age, I am just old enough and just seasoned enough to understand that a revolution does not begin with blood being shed or with Arms taken against tyranny.  I am young enough still to have the fire inside me to take up arms against a corrupt and tyrannical system when ever such a time comes.  However, it is the goal of those like me to utilize any available resource to educate ourselves and others with regards to science, engineering, medicine as well as trade's and crafts such as building, weaving and creating the very things we all use for our collective survival; that ultimately we may have the ability to educate our community as to what the problems we face are and provide logical and righteous methods to resolve those problems.
                It is not for us to concern ourselves with the plight and greed of authorities which so often prove their sole concern to be the acquisition of personal resources by any means available.  It is for us, the knowledgeable and educated class of citizen, to have the confidence to face such tyrants with reason and resolve.  It is for us to offer solutions which may benefit every person without blatant and deficient destruction of the very world we live upon.
                The challenges which have always been presented to those in our past has always been to know by both faith and reason, the better time to speak and discuss, and the ethical time to act.  Moreover, this challenge continues as these selfsame leaders must find the resolve to continue on well after the fires of patriotism have waned from the hearts of themselves and their peers.  It is required that all of us involved understand that it is us, the people whom have always and will always care for our elderly and infirm, cloth our children, protect our wives - our sisters and mothers - our daughters and granddaughters.  It is us who must train our boys and arm our men, feed our hungry and learn from our wise.
                That we come to understand that our struggle is not unique, but lived and shared amongst all our community and those of us who have long since gone in lives and era's previous to this becomes axiomatic that we are entitled to a life without the corruption of tyranny, without subjugation by the greedy.  All at once we find ourselves able to see beyond the veil of simple fury and patriotic ideals, when lifetimes come and go in the space of a year or two or three, and though we sometimes fail to see it at the time, we never-the-less feel something greater than the individual.  Suddenly, when we have crossed that mortal threshold  where our fires have burnt out, our bodies have been emaciated, we have been dishonored, disrespected, intruded upon, trespassed against, pressed into servitude and betrayed by the tyrants we called leaders.  At this point we have endured all our mortal coil can muster and yet we press on, as other great people have done, and for that moment of our fleeting lives that moment which can be a day or a year in duration, we find ourselves to be gods upon this world; gods which fight on in spite of the turmoil and weakness of body and heart.  All at once, the end comes and we lay claim to that beautiful liberty which was ours by right.  Many return to their mortal lives and concerns with the hope and faith that we, the gentry who saw the problem and worked every moment to fix it will create for us all, a newer world, both righteous and impeccable for every soul which remains.

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