My Valentine

So today is Valentine’s day.  Traditionally this is a holiday in which couples affirm or re-affirm affections for one another while those who are single either work towards building a relationship with someone they feel is significant or otherwise reflect on being single with the reminder that solitude is not something which most Americans consider acceptable.  I am not entirely aware of how rare or common it is that individuals such as myself choose not to be concerned with the lacking or abundance of relationship opportunities.  Instead, I almost forgot about this holiday altogether.  In going about my day, going to class, doing some homework, working out some daily finances, I found myself no more or less content.  It wasn’t until I recalled a posting on another social network by a friend of mine that I realized today was a little more important than I had woken up believing.

            Today, though not momentous by most accounts, has still been the bearer of a solemn reminder.  That reminder has come from an unlikely source; Starbucks Coffee.  Now let it be known here and now that I utterly hate coffee.  The smell of that vile nectar entices in me an undefinable will to vomit!  However, I have chosen to write this particular blog entry at Starbuck’s because this company has made the conscious effort to support the rights of the people.  Today is supposed to be the official start of the “yuppie/hipster” boycott of this, their favored little coffee shop.  Why would these idiots boycott their own coffee shop one might ask; simple, Starbucks all over the nation supports the rights of citizens as applicable by law.  Meaning, citizens who hold a concealed carry permit for their handgun are allowed in the premises of Starbucks so long as there are no ordinances on the local level which prevent this. 

            From here, I would like to give my perspective from the philosophical view, naturally.  The type of people who seem the most concerned with ‘gun control’ are not typically those who have ever actually encountered a gun.  Neither by violence or personal will do these yuppie affluents encounter guns or any other weapons.  Their opinions on the matter rarely hold any substance in facts and are actually derived from a natural fear of the things which they are ignorant of.  More important to note here is that these people are predominately in the affluent or higher class.  Thus, they spend their lives in the false belief that their government is concerned with their welfare as proved by their income.  In that respect, it is not too great of a stretch to understand that these people have ideals which are much more in sync with the governing body then those who more often suffer under it.

            The general belief of the United States Government has long held that armed citizens represent a threat to the sovereignty of that government.  This is reflected also in the various manifesto’s and memorandum’s uncovered by citizen watch groups which state in general, that many government agencies consider war veterans to be a substantial threat to the goals and desires of the ruling body.  That those who are so well served by this government are also afraid of citizens practicing their rights to bear arms (or really any other right, such as speech, expression, religion) is really of no surprise.  That responsible, patriotic, and trained citizens were to ever hold an uprising with the goal of ending the advancing oppression of the middle and lower class in this nation, then what defense can be expected?  The Government and those it serves depend entirely upon the soldiers and veterans, they consider a threat, to defend them. 

            Sadly, all of this is pure conjecture as there hasn’t been a righteous uprising in this nation for some time.  People can protest all day, but at the end of the day, it rarely matters and almost never changes anything.  The man next to you in line whom you are not aware even has a gun, which he is entitled to carry, isn’t in least bit likely to pull the gun on you no matter how annoying you are to the entirety of your species.  Fact is, it is far more likely that he will draw his gun and defend your life against the robber who doesn’t give a shit about the law and always carries a gun, not because it’s his right, but because his job in life is to hurt you and take your yuppie money to buy drugs from one of your ‘special’ friends.

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