Evolve through Adaptability

From the physicist point of view the laws which govern our Universe are not immutable.  The creation of this Universe is apparently successful because the laws of order established themselves throughout our creation process.  Other universes may exist with a completely conflicting set of laws from our own while others may have only existed for a brief moment before suddenly ceasing to be.  These processes are believed to be dictated by an over abundance of physical laws, an under abundance of physical laws or the complete absence of law.

                The philosophical view on this would state that it simply doesn't matter if the multi-universe hypothesis is correct.  That the possibility exists that universal law is only specific to our Universe and not as an inherent aspect of any probable nature/existence is an effective symbol that the laws and cultures of separate peoples must remain separate in order to properly deduce the most effective means for evolution.  The reason for this is that nature, on every level ,both hypothetical and proven, must be in a continuous state of dynamics if we are to advance.

                As part of the laws which govern this Universe is mandatory progression.  In consequence to this, that which progresses through the continuum of dynamic existence (nature) will continue to exist in a continually adapting state.  Those that remain static, given a long enough time line, will perish.  The greatest evidence of this is seen in the 'Devonian' period in which up to eight (8) distinctive humanoid species lived -at roughly the same time.  As we know, only one (1) of these humanoid species has survived to the present.  Though this seems counter intuitive to some, the fact remains that the strongest and best suited to the environment actually died out first.  The physically weak ultimately won out by the process of adaptability.  The weakness in body motivated a strength in wisdom (sapien) and a requirement for adaptive diets.  Counter to most pseudo-survivalist idea's, there is no evidence of considerable hostilities between humanoid species that can account for extinctions.  Very simply, the scions of the first imaginative humans were more successful, more often, then other species.  It would also be justified to note that the successes of the original eight (8) Devonian humanoids remain alive, for every human known to earth has the successful processes of each species locked within their DNA.

                Within this DNA is also the now inherent understanding that a static or overly specialized existence leads to destruction.  This is easily shown in human social interactions regarding government (economics) and religion (morality)  The professional is an individual who is always under threat because the very definition of a professional is specialization in a field.  How many times just in the last 100 years has the dynamic advancement of technology or the fluctuation in economics forced a specialist out of work or made a specialist career path go extinct?  The spiritual ideals of any faith are always under attack because they are often so specialized in who can practice the faith or in guidelines for understanding the faith.  How many conflicts have arisen between religions and between religion and other ideals such as culture or science?  What might be more important is this; why does it occur so often that the professional who is being forced into extinction attempt to "find God" when faced with adversity?  It is not that God has ever solved any person's problems, it is that, in most cases, God  is usually seen as being successfully stagnant (in stasis).  For individuals who have made a career out of being in a steady state, the prospect of adapting to a dynamic environment seems, and probably is, too insurmountable a prospect and, thus, choose to resign themselves to another static ideology.

                This isn't to say that religion and government are inherently bad, it is simply an understanding that if our species cannot devise an ethically dynamic governing system and spirituality, then those cultural things will constantly destroy themselves over time.  Because we as a species really do understand this process, it is becoming a more widely accepted belief that in many ways, religion is dying and governments are falling apart.  The consequence of this may be that the next stage in our evolution will be the ability to continue in an advancing direction without the need for specialized religions and political governance. 

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