Arrogance and the Proven

                There exists in this society a strong prepotency for those who are untested in life to be arrogant.  The ideology of a personified state of being is typically the form such people play out.  What I mean by this is that many people who have never actually done a thing, will personify themselves as being an expert or nearly so in that thing in the hopes that no one will ever question there conditioning in this.  Perhaps the two most ardent offenders to this lie, from what I have experienced, are untested men and promiscuous women.

                Lets begin with the 'untested man.'  He is someone who has rarely, if ever, done anything beneficial to the species.  He is a man who seeks a static, safe, and unchanging life in his actions but in his mind, feels very strongly that he is important and has a superior destiny.  This ideology typically begins at a young age which is where they will first distinguish what they feel is the model by which men should be judged.  This can be a persona of the 'militant', the 'cowboy', the 'industrial worker', the 'professional fighter', or anything which comes with it the connotation of 'manliness.'  From a young age, this individual will dress to fit this persona, will attempt to speak to fit this persona, will engage themselves in certain activities which are typically felt to be a study session such as watching certain movies starring their heroic persona's and/or listening to the music about this hero type.  More often than not however, they will not actually engage in the actual exercise of emulating the actions or lifestyle of the personified hero. 

                Lets use the 'militant' as the model.  The militant persona is someone who learns about guns, watches all the military movies, checks out a few shows on "The History Channel" regarding military campaigns and other such nonsense.  I call this nonsense because these people never enlist in the military.  These people never get jobs in law enforcement.  At the very best, these people might have a family member they were close too who was in the military, thus, how they got exposure to guns.  Maybe they go of a few police ride-a-long's.  But at no point would they ever seriously conceive of ever actually becoming there personified hero.  Instead, they content themselves with spending so many years acting out as such a person that the people they meet in adulthood are never any the wiser.   And why should they be?  After all, the militant dresses accordingly, probably cuts their hair accordingly, might go camping occasionally, might even own a gun of their own, which often goes unused.  In every way, they look the part and speak the part.  They will be able to spew out a one or two truths about this or that war and then give off whole lines of bullshit about those same wars which have no basis in truth, or, if they do, are only known because of the people or person they know who told them the story was in the military.  No one ever suspects until a real military man comes along and asks for the DD214 discharge form!  Asked what rank they were in what military and what campaigns they were in.  Hell, even getting an actual chain of command will be a seemingly insurmountable task!

                Sadly, even when this untested man has been proven a fraud to everyone they know, they remain undaunted.  They simply move on, get new friends and watch their backs for anyone that could expose them again.  If, however, you suspect you know a man like this there is a simple way to test it.  See if this man has ever been in a fight.  Not even a military fight.  Untested men won't fight.   In their hearts, they are pacifists.  The very thought of a real confrontation with danger will sicken them.  It is this weakness of heart that never allowed them to traverse the terrain to the other side, into actually becoming the militant defender of hearth, home and nation.

                Regarding women, this is a much more simple task.  It is no stretch that everyone sugar coats their experiences to a small degree; women included.  However, there is one type of women who seems to always have this quality and holds to the extreme.  It is likely that just about every American over the age of 20 knows at least one women like this.  Some call her "The Town Bicycle" because everyone gets a ride.  Now, I am not entirely sure how this comes about except out of pure stupidity, but promiscuous women, in nearly every case, seems to hold themselves as being both highly important and highly evolved.  They will adapt their entire mode of thought around some philosophy which justifies their opinions.  Typically the philosophy adopted is either the Modern Feminist ideology or the Drug Addict philosophy. 

                Some how these women believe that they gain in intellect, wisdom, and influence through Seminal infusion.  As if the act of getting a guy off actually transfers all of his knowledge, success, and importance into her.  The only thing I can think of in this regard is that the "hoe" believes in some kind of slut 'highlander' quickening process; only instead of cutting off the heads of immortals, they just need to get a guy to ejaculate.  I can see the draw here though.  If something like that actually worked, it would be much cleaner and faster than taking heads and scrubbing up pools of blood.   

                In closing, never expect these people to do what they say or act in a way that actually reflects the reality of being what they want you to believe.  Typically, the women who has a promiscuous lifestyle is the lesser of other women around her and verily lacks the simple understanding of health issues regarding chronic promiscuous sex.  The untested male may be capable of many things, but protecting you or fighting with you is not one of them.  If you are friends with such a person you must be careful.  If at any point you get yourself into a mess that may expose the secret of the untested, they will turn on you without hesitation.  The one universal factor which makes up the core of both the male and female side of this issue is this, loyalty of any kind is a burden!  They will only act loyal for as long as it benefits them or in the least, causes no harm to who they pretend to be.


  1. I suppose what I would really want to know is *why* these people are like that. But since it likely wouldn't actually change anything, I guess it doesn't matter. But I would like to know your thoughts on that.

  2. I would think that the core of this issue is a result of a personal ideology which demands to exist in a steady state. Though I believe it is possible for anyone to change the methods of their life, the one thing that seems to remain constant is the core. An individuals core ideal can represent itself in many ways, but when something appears to work, they simply stick to it. It is easier to pretend to be something then to go out and actually be that thing. Safer also. These qualities seem to be most prevalent in individuals who think very highly of themselves, regardless of their apparent low value to the species.